He Restores My Soul | A Poem

Hiya folks. I was reading through Psalms 23 recently and I decided to write some poetry of my own; a series of haikus actually. This life is painful, but I'm grateful for glimpses of restoration I have experienced in my life. It points me towards to the hope we have of ultimate restoration in Christ.... Continue Reading →

Things Are Different Now

Imagine with me for a moment that you are attempting to reconnect with an old friend. Maybe you’ve met up for a cup of coffee, or some other informal thing.  One glance across the table will tell you that the years have changed your friend; changed you both really. You smile awkwardly and make small... Continue Reading →

On Coffee Filters and New Beginnings

I groggily got out of bed yesterday to make myself coffee, just like I do on most Sundays.  Routine. Predictable. Normal.  I reached for the coffee filters in the cupboard and realized I was almost out. Upon the realization that I’ve been living in my own place long enough to use an entire package of... Continue Reading →

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