My One Goal for 2019

2018 is officially in the books, ladies and gentlemen. The new year offers unique opportunities for retrospective thoughts while encouraging ambitious anticipation of the future. The internet is covered right now with year-in-review articles, resolutions for the new year and other similar topics. Even though the only thing that changes is the date on the... Continue Reading →

Three Things That Make Me Smile

So, this post isn't going to be long or well written. I haven't spent hours thinking through the most clever way I can communicate a deep theological truth. I didn't spend forever looking for a perfect picture for my heading. I'm just gonna ramble about some things that are making me smile tonight. I'm happy... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Excited (and you can be too)

My darling little six-year-old sister was positively beaming today as she returned home from and triumphant shopping trip with Mommy. She couldn’t contain herself over the excitement of her newly acquired clothing item‒ a plush pink Minnie Mouse bath-robe. I had the joy of helping her tie it on, though I daresay her joy surpassed... Continue Reading →

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