Hope for The Holidays

Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of the year. Songs and movies like to paint beautiful pictures of the holidays, but most of us know that life is rarely that rosy. Beyond the decorations, the lights, the food and other festivities, hurting hearts are longing for relief. As much as Christmas has the power... Continue Reading →

His Son Became His Savior

The internet is full of Christmas articles this time of year. Pieces about joy, peace, and seasonal grief pop up daily in my newsfeed. Other pieces focus on different characters in the Biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth. Mary is an oft featured character, praised for her submission and somberness. The wise men and the shepherds... Continue Reading →

Don’t Waste Your Break

Finals are over. The ink dries up and the papers settle and then reality sets in. Christmas break is here! Without the daily pressures of school, I am looking forward to the rest that my body very much needs over these few weeks. Rest is important, essential, and good. But being students on break does... Continue Reading →

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