4 Things to Remember about Healing

Brokenness is a collectively shared human experience. Our lives have all been touched by broken things; broken hearts, broken relationships, broken minds, broken bodies… Can what was broken ever be put back together again? Sometimes, the answer is no. Sometimes broken things are completely out of our control and must be placed fully in the... Continue Reading →

Late-night Ramblings

My heart is full tonight. I spent the last few days on a mini vacation sharing laughter, tears, coffee, and considerable amounts of french fries with some very dear friends. Consequently, I didn’t make time to write a planned, thoughtful blog post this week. I’m okay with that. Sometimes I need to write. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

4 Lies My Pain Tells Me About God

Being honest about my struggles with chronic pain is not always easy, but I think it is worth it if it helps even one person identify and fight lies in their own life. I want people to know that they are not alone.

Is Christianity Too Idealistic?

i·de·al·is·tic /ˌīdē(ə)ˈlistik/ adjective. characterized by idealism; unrealistically aiming for perfection. Over the years, Christianity has received a lot of scrutiny for its idealism. Seemingly unattainable themes like purity, holiness, and perfection are not unique to Christianity, but are some of its defining characteristics. I can easily identify with any thinking person’s struggle with Christian idealism.... Continue Reading →

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