19 Things I Learned in 2019

2019 was a hard year for me, but it was also a huge year for personal growth.

I learned or was reminded of so many things this year. I learned about myself, about other people, about life, about faith, and about real happiness. I wanted to take a little time to write this down because then I’m way more likely to remember it later. And I don’t want to forget any of the lessons I’ve learned this year.

Continue with caution, there is little sage wisdom here. But If you are interested in what a 19-year-old girl thinks is important, here it is.

These are 19 things I learned in 2019.

1. Prioritize peace. Take time to notice what brings you peace and what doesn’t.

2. Live in the moment. Put down your phone and enjoy the people in front of you.

3. Enjoy little things. Take a deep breath and be thankful for it.

4. Don’t read more than one book at a time. The second halves of half a dozen books I tried to read this year are calling.

5. Muffins are life. Make two dozen banana chocolate chip muffins if you want everyone to get one.

6. Leggings are pants too. I’ve come to the dark side, ladies. Leggings for life.

7. Don’t get your nose pierced during allergy season. Just don’t.

8. Message therapy is a fantastic. And expensive. But mostly fantastic.

9. There is more music in the world than Twenty-one Pilots and Panic! at the Disco. Lately, I’ve been loving Mat Kearny and Jack Johnson.

10. When you’re making cookies, pull them out of the oven just before you think they are done, and they will turn out perfect every time.

11. Make your own smoothies, it’s way cheaper. And healthier for you.

12. Tell people you love them, often. You don’t know when it’s the last chance you’ll get to tell them.

13. Always double check that you’re texting the person you think you’re texting before you send a text. Just do it.

14. Do it scared. Don’t let fear keep you from doing the things you want to do. Unless it’s a bad thing. Then don’t do it. Duh.

15. Pickle Rick isn’t always a pickle. *mind blown*

16. Processed food is basically killing us. Do a little research about what you’re feeding your body, it’s the only body you get on this earth.

17. God’s love never fails. Ever.

18. You shouldn’t have to chase your tribe. Your people will be there for you. Start running after what matters to you and see who keeps up.

19. Never stop learning. Read about what interests you. Learn new skills. Never stop bettering yourself.

What did you learn in 2019? I’d love to hear about it. Let’s chat in the comments!


2 thoughts on “19 Things I Learned in 2019

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  1. Hi Allie:

    Yes, so many important “lessons” for you and I’m sure your list could be even longer! Hold fast on to God and always look up! Keep your positive attitude always foremost in mind, paste that smile on your face, get up and get going, and show others God’s blessings! Even on our worst days, God is blessing us! So Blessed that God never leaves us and holds us fast unto Him!

    See You For Choir Tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

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