Late-night Ramblings

My heart is full tonight.

I spent the last few days on a mini vacation sharing laughter, tears, coffee, and considerable amounts of french fries with some very dear friends. Consequently, I didn’t make time to write a planned, thoughtful blog post this week. I’m okay with that. Sometimes I need to write. Sometimes I need to eat French fries with my friends. Balance.

I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts with you tonight. I’m curled up in bed with my laptop in my over-sized sweatshirt and this is what’s on my heart.

God is working, friend.

Even when you can’t see it.

Even when you can’t feel it.

God is alive and present, carrying mercy and ushering grace into your every waking moment. He is sustaining you through every breath that fills your lungs. God is authoring your story, carefully crafting every chapter with a heart full of unending love for you.

Don’t give up hope in the dark. The backdrop of night makes a light seem even brighter. God’s glory will shine in your darkness if you just hold on.

God is working.

Friend, whatever you’re facing tonight, I hope you allow your heart to be comforted by this truth. Hold onto it tightly and never let it go. Let it carry you into tomorrow with a grateful, hopeful heart.

God is still working, friend.



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