3 Ways Chronic Illness Has Changed Me for the Better

Chronic Illness is a heartless thief. Anyone who struggles with chronic illness or pain can attest to that.

I have rightfully devoted a lot of time to grieving, processing and writing about the things that my illness has taken from me.

Allowing myself to feel the hardness of my illness is instrumental in my journey to accept my circumstances — a journey which I am very much still on. I had to allow the tears, letting them fall for the parts of my life that I have lost.

While I allow myself to acknowledge the thieving characteristics of my illness, I want to be careful not to give it more credit than it deserves. As hard and evil as chronic illness can be, it has undoubtedly given me unique opportunities to grow myself as a human being.

By recognizing the ways I’ve grown as a person through my illness, I take the power back from the thief and celebrate my own strength and resilience.

Here are three ways I want to celebrate myself and my journey to be a better person.

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