4 Reasons Why I Love Psalms

The Word of God is powerful.

I believe that every word of the Bible is a gift from God.

The Bible is unlike any other book in history. The unique compilation of various authors and multiple genres is unmatched.

There is one particular genre that fascinates me. I have always loved studying the poetic books of the Bible. Traditionally, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are accepted as the poetic books of the Bible, although there is Hebrew poetry strewn throughout much of the Old Testament.

I have found so much comfort in the book of Psalms. It has often been a source of support for me in trying times. The magnitude of the beauty and authenticity in Psalms is balanced with rich truth and strong conviction.

While there are many reasons to cherish this unique collection of poetry, I have decided on four reasons why I love the book of Psalms.

1. The Psalms are real.

Psalms is home to a vast collection of Hebrew poetry. Many are songs that portray a wide range of emotional responses to circumstances.

The Psalms are catalysts of both great rejoicing and deep pain.

As a culture, we crave what is real and relatable. I believe that we find that in the psalms.

From joyful celebration to shameful confessions, I am encouraged by the authenticity found within the verses of Psalms. Knowing that I am not alone in my emotional response to life as a believer can be very helpful.

2. The Psalms provide hope.

Knowing that I am not alone is not enough to give me hope. Knowing that my emotions are understood and shared is not enough to guide me to the truth.

Emotions are real and at times excruciatingly painful, but they are not reliable sources of truth.

God is.

The Psalms are full of God’s truth. Despite emotions and circumstances, Psalms does not leave us without hope.

Even amidst the pain in the pages of Psalms, the steadfast love of God is a common theme. Even in cries of uncertainty, God’s faithfulness is reassured.

Rich truth about character of God flows through the heart of Psalms and it is unmistakably hopeful.

3. The Psalms encourage genuine praise.

The Psalms are often deeply worshipful. It is very difficult to read any of the Psalms and not be overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

When my prayer life is stunted, reading Psalms reminds me to praise God for His majesty.

When my circumstances distract me from worship, reading Psalms helps me focus on my unchangeable God.

The Psalms are a powerful tool and helpful guide to worship. We have access to examples of how to rejoice not only in triumph, but through pain. Even when our lives on earth are disappointing, our praise to the Father can be endless and amazing.

4. The Psalms are beautiful.

The Psalms are truly literary masterpieces.

While Hebrew poetry is not poetry as we would think of it, the creativity is no less masterful.

Hebrew poetry couples ideas rather than rhyme, and often was written in acrostic form. The study of this is too complicated to discuss fully in this article, but it is fascinating.

The Psalms are a wonderful example of humans reflecting the nature of our God. The creativity shown in the writing is an amazing reflection of the creativity that God displayed in creation. It seems only fitting that our human creativity would be used to praise and glorify Him. Psalms is a beautiful example of that.

I hope that this encourages you to read the Psalms. No matter what circumstances you are going through, there is hope to be found in the Word.

Run to it. Meditate on it. Let it refresh your soul.


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