5 Dorm Room Essentials Under $25


It’s a crazy time, fam.

One of the craziest (and potentially amazing) parts of college is dorm life.

I am well aware that there are dozens of articles on the world wide web that are titled exactly like mine. Everyone has there opinions about what you absolutely must have for living dorm life.

So this is just that. My opinion. The opinion of a sophomore girl who likes aesthetically pleasing surroundings and comfort, to be precise. So if that resonates with you at all, please read on, friend.

These five things have made dorm life easier and more enjoyable for me in my college experience.

1. Blankets.

Lots of them.

The fuzzier the better.

Especially if you live somewhere where it ever gets below like, 50 degrees.


I have a blanket similar to this one from Target. It’s even on sale right now!

2. Mirrors.

Hear me out here. Mirrors are like the black magic of decorating small spaces. A few well placed mirrors can open up a small room in literally no time at all.


I have this set of black, circular mirrors from Walmart. They are actually magical. They also make my room feel more homey.

3. A shoe organizer.

This is honestly one of my biggest space and sanity savers.

I like shoes. a lot.

But I HATE having my shoes strewn around everywhere. Especially when “everywhere” is only the small space of my room.


I own a similar shoe organizer from Target. Definitely well spent money.

4. A good water bottle.

Being dehydrated sucks. Especially at college.

It can be so east to forget to take care of ourselves when we’re more worried about taking care of papers and work.

Drinking water is a basic but incredibly important way to take care of yourself.

Make it as easy on yourself as you can by always having a water bottle handy by your bed, or desk.75f2ca7c-0f01-4ce7-b67e-fc21fdc47fbc_1.0997865f13feff064cbc75a7cde9e05b.jpeg

This water bottle from Walmart is surprisingly fantastic at insulating water. It stays cold all day, no problem.

5. A support pillow.

This is literally a life saver, especially as a chronic pain patient.

College is hard on your back. Desks are not designed with pain patient in mind. So having a comfortable, functional way to make my bed into a homework nook is super helpful.


I own a support pillow similar to this one from Target.

So there you go.

Five dorm room essentials for comfort lovers.



I am not getting paid to support any of the products or websites linked in this article. These are my honest opinions and suggestions, but I am not responsible for any dissatisfaction found in the linked products.

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