Why I’m Excited (and you can be too)

My darling little six-year-old sister was positively beaming today as she returned home from and triumphant shopping trip with Mommy. She couldn’t contain herself over the excitement of her newly acquired clothing item‒ a plush pink Minnie Mouse bath-robe. I had the joy of helping her tie it on, though I daresay her joy surpassed my own.

She giggled as she ran up the stairs yelling,”Mommy! Look at my robe!” Her excitement was so raw and so simple. It amazed me that something so insignificant to my eyes brought her so much joy.

The occasion got me thinking. When was the last time I was that excited about anything? When had I been so happy and so elated that I could not keep quiet?

When the first thing to my mind was about dessert, I was kind of disappointed. My excitement seemed so empty as of late. This is proof that my priorities have drastically shifted and not particularly for the better. Not to say that dessert can’t be worthy of excitement from time to time. I only mean that my weary soul has grown accustomed to the excitements of my relationship with Jesus, and I’ve allowed superficial things to impress me.

My mind is void of the awe I once had for my rescue from depravity. Is this loss of admiration because the works of God are somehow less worthy of my excitement now?

Absolutely not.

The problem once again lies with me.

I have let worry cloud my faith in God’s promises for tomorrow.

I have allowed pain to skew my perception of where I find true joy.

I have watched as my prideful heart destroyed my gratitude.

I have lost my excitement in the things that should excite me more than anything else in the entire world.

Things like God’s love should excite me. How unconditional, steady, and unwavering it’s been for me.

God’s faithfulness is also awesome. He knows my dirty, sinful heart and yet still promises to never leave me, regardless of my faithfulness to Him.

We can grow numb in our awe and we can reach past the miracle of the Gospel in hopes of finding excitement, but that will always leave us empty.

Our joy, our excitement, and our purpose can only be found in Jesus Christ. We are free. That is truly exciting, my friend.

As I look at my sister’s face while she relishes the joy of parading around the house in her robe, I realized that nothing could hamper her excitement. No past fashion disappointment could upset her. She was enamored in what she had now.

Nothing in the past or even in the present should keep me from being excited about Jesus right now. No past sin, pain, or regret changes the truth of His love.

Even when life is hard, I can be genuinely excited in the right things, and I will not be disappointed. Even when I don’t feel like being excited, I always have a reason for my heart to be glad.

Jesus saved me, and that is incomprehensibly amazing. I’m excited about that. Are you?


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  1. This is simple perspective, and yet something to read and reread, especially when we begin to forget (or it is clouded from view) what God has done, will do, and continues to do for us!

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