My Writing Journey: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

I’ve been writing for as long as I remember. I love stitching words together to mean something. The thrill of creating with language always fascinated me. Words are powerful. I wasn’t always so capable of wielding them, however.

Early Writing

I recently found a gem that my mother had saved. It was a fabulous example of my earliest work titled “The Princess and the Castle.” I had written and illustrated it when I was five years old. It was a horrible mess of phonetically spelled sentences and a non-existent story arc.

In my defense, I was five.

I wrote short stories and even attempted to write a few novels as I got older. My story weaving skills were never very good, but eventually I found my writing passion.

I loved writing about life.

I started to write much more non-fiction than fiction. From poetry to Christian living, I was writing, and I was loving it.

The Rebelution

When I was 15, I first attempted to submit my writing to be published. I nervously submitted an article to The Rebelution, a blog started by Alex and Brett Harris. “Why I Stopped Being Myself (And Never Want to Go Back)” was published on June 25th, 2015. Being published on The Rebelution boosted my confidence as a writer and I started writing more frequently.

I joined The Rebelution’s editorial team and grew even more as a writer. I slowly learned the craft of editing, and I had a platform to share my own writing. That is something I will always be grateful for. I published eight articles over a period of two years, one of which got republished by Crosswalk.


I went through my entire first semester at school without writing a single word, intentionally. My time management skills were lacking, and writing got knocked down on my list of priorities. I missed writing very much. Over Christmas break I was trying to think of ways that I could write more again. Bliss is a product of that thinking and scheming. While I enjoyed writing before, I never had a home for my own writing.

Now, I do.

I may not write a lot, but anything is better than nothing at all.

I’m home.

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