What My Coffee Order Taught Me About Change

I like coffee. A lot.

It’s comfort and caffeine all rolled into a splendid little bean that makes a delectable drink. Needless to say, I frequent coffee shops as often as life allows.

I sat in a chair at my local coffee shop yesterday drinking a cool blended beverage despite the sub-freezing temperatures outside. After drinking a few sips, I came to realize I really didn’t like the drink. It was ridiculously sweet and there wasn’t nearly enough coffee in it.

I made the mistake of ordering something new instead of my very predictable and basic order. I have an “order” at every restaurant and coffee shop that I go to often. My adventurous mood led to a shockingly sweet reminder that I am not usually a fan of change.

We recently put 2017 in the history books, and 2018 is stopping for no man. I am finding myself often dreaming and scheming about what my 2018 will hold. A lot of things are changing for me. I moved out of the only house I’ve ever lived in to go to school last fall. That was a crazy change. My whole life shifted drastically when I left.

My residency changed when I moved all my junk into a cozy little dorm room in Iowa. My schedule changed drastically when I had to give up my night owl ways in order to stay awake in my 7am and 8am lectures. Even my diet changed… I now have a much greater appreciation for a homemade meal.

Although many of the changes that I’ve gone through have been good things, I’ve never been very good at handling change. When patterns are broken, I become very uneasy. My creature-of-habit ways evidence themselves in some hilariously quirky ways, including my coffee order. Those habits are also very good at showing the condition of my heart when changes happen despite my own plan.

As I have walked through change in the last year and will continue to in the year to come, I have been comforted by a specific characteristic of God.

He never changes, friends.

Through the shifting and changing in my life, my God is a constant. He is ever sure and trustworthy. His love is an anchor for my soul that easily drifts when the sea of change overtakes me. He is a rock of shelter and comfort. Always.

This is the truth that will keep me through any change life brings me. God is always the same. He is worthy of our trust.

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Ponder His steadfastness today, friend.

How will you trust our unchangeable God through 2018?


6 thoughts on “What My Coffee Order Taught Me About Change

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  1. “I change not,” He said.
    The heart and mindset He had for us when leaving Heaven for the evil world and cruel cross has always been the same, no matter what.

    Thank you so much for this, Allie.

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  2. This exact thing happened to me yesterday. I ordered a cappuccino instead of my regular latte, and I was severely disappointed. Needless to say, I drank it anyway because… hey, it’s coffee! This was a very relatable article, great job Alathia! (So excited that you have your own blog)

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  3. I read this today, hoping to catch up on all your blog posts and I needed to read this at this exact moment. Thank you, friend, for sharing your heart and what God teaches you! ❤️

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